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Virtual Facials Bundles/HOME CARE Kits

You deserve to look and feel your absolute best! Has your skin condition kept you from the life you want and deserve? Are you looking to relax, unwind, and allow all your stress to melt away?  Are you looking for a natural glow? With our customized product kits, we take all the guessing out. We will work closely with you to design an easy to follow regimen for clear, smooth, and even skin... All from the comfort of your home. We customize each kit according to your skin type, concerns, and goals. The products will help you clear acne, acne scars, ingrown hairs in the chin area, plus give you a healthy & radiant glow in the process. We can help you customize the perfect regimen to help you achieve your skincare goals fast. This option is perfect for those who don’t like commitments! You can reorder this kit when you need a clean-slate-facial to jump-start your regimen. This is the perfect way to celebrate an accomplishment in a fun way.


1. Place the order - Order as many as you need

The price of each kit varies based on the product included in your kit. Choose from three options—Premium, Essential, Basic. Get ready to transform your skin and your life!

2. Complete consultation form online

After you place your order, you will visit www.LuxuryLotusSpa.com/Form to complete your Virtual Facial Client Intake form online. If we have questions or need additional information, we will contact you to verify/clarify. We want your box to be uniquely yours -down to the smallest details.

3. We Ship You The Kit(s) 

We will ship your customized kit (made to address your skin issues and fit into your already busy lifestyle) via express shipping. We are as excited as you are; for you to start your new journey. The skin-care kit will have everything you need to help you create a step by step regimen for the ultimate glow-up.

4. Book The Date/Time for Your Session

Ready . Set . Get Ready to Glow-on my friends. Esther The Esthetician will join you live on a day that works best for you and/or your party/group. She show up ready to to have fun while helping you and your team get your glow on! As soon as your customized kit arrives, you will visit www.LuxuryLotusSpa.com/BookNow to schedule a time For your Live Virtual Facial(s) Party session. You will receive the link to the Virtual Facials Live session via E-mail.

Clear Skin ACADEMY - 90-Day BOOTCAMP


You are invited to the virtual self-care academy my friends. The Ultimate Self Care Academy is an intensive course (12-Weeks to a new you!). This is a self-pace course with weekly check-in via our weekly strategy call. We host this Virtual Self Care Academy Challenge 1-2 times per year. Get ready to take action and learn everything you need to transform your skin and your life. We have guided videos and resources with results-driven information for clear, smooth, and even skin! We will help you with acne, acne scars, and ingrown hairs on your face/chin area. We will also help you address that chicken/strawberry skin (Keratosis Pilaris). 

We are In 2021 everyone should have flawless skin. This option is an excellent addition for those who have read my book, watched my videos, listened to my podcast show, or follow me on social media. I’m always giving free tips, advice, and gems there.  The Ultimate  Self Care Academy will help you put those guides into actionable, with results-driven action steps; to help you get that radiant and glowing skin. This class is an advanced class. If you are new, I recommend completing the groundwork (21 days clear skin challenge) before signing up for this intensive academy/courses. Upgrade by adding products.


12 Weeks Class -Work At Your Own Pace

Join the 12-week ultimate Self Care Academy Live. Actionable steps and support from Esther & her team live for one-year. The new modules are released weekly. Includes hands-on help & support. Plus, we've added a 5-weeks to self correct, learn, & grow module. Guaranteed to help you get the life you want.

Live Q & A Calls Weekly Inside Private Group

Learn how to get organized and overcome any obstacle(s) life throws at you. We always want to help you look and feel your absolute best. We bring all the best resources to support you on your journey to clear, smooth, and/or even skin. Everything you need to clear acne, acne scars, and ingrown hairs+

12-Month Access W/Accountability

We provide ongoing accountability and support to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. Esther does weekly Check-in and answers your questions during the live strategy class. You will have lifetime access to our private group - full of resources, accountability, and support.

Transform Your Skin & Your Life

We release a new module every week during the 12-week course. We follow up with a Q & A session at the end of the week. Bring all your questions get the help & support you’ve been looking for. We also host a self-care party at the end of the on the 18th of every month! Vibe City Tribe community


4 times per year, after our live self-care academy, we open our doors to welcome new members to subscribe and become a VIP Elite Lotus (VEL). Esther and her team will ships customized product kits for your face and/or body care on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We have 3 levels to choose from. The subscription option is only for those serious about changing their skin and their lives and want ongoing help, support, and support after the 12-week intensive course. It also includes exclusive monthly training & check-ins, and so much more!

Acne & Acne Scars SpecialistLuxury Lotus Spa | Tampa, FLorida (FL) skin care spa for men and women with darker skin tones lookin g for chemical peel treatments to treat their acne scars, and acne


Customized Products Shipped Automatically

We will work closely with you to design an easy to follow regimen to help you get the results you want and need.

Training Archive & Resources

We work closely with experts from various professions to help you do a full life transformation. We bring you new exclusive resources every month.

Surprise Gifts & Perks in your Self-care Box.

We like to surprise our VIP Elite Subscribers with random gifts or tools to help support them.

Private-Members-Only Group & Resources

During the challenge, you have realtime access to Esther and her team. After the course is over, Esther shifts her focus and energy to her VIP Elite Lotus (VEL). You will surely get the results you’ve always wanted.

The Ultimate Self Care Book

Discover the real reason why you can’t get what you want in life

Do you often feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and desperately want to lighten your burden and live life on your terms Without allowing your challenges, imperfections and insecurities to weigh you down? Becoming Perfectly, Imperfect. The Ultimate Self Care Guide Book By Esther The Esthetician Nelson. This book will help you Reduce stress, build confidence, and Transform skin and get the life you want and deserve. 


How to deal with stress & anxiety,

Stress and anxiety can sneak in, then turn our life upside down. Learn to deal with social anxiety and more.

Discover your Genius Super Powers.

Here’s your guided road map to clear, smooth, and even skin. This book will teach you how to get acne, acne scars, and ingrown hairs under control.

Self-Correct Common Issues

When stress, hormonal imbalance happens, do you know what to do to clear up the aftermath left behind? After reading this book, you will be ready to handle anything. Everything life throws your way; you’ll be equipped and prepared.

Get the life & career you want and deserve

When you purchase your book here on our website, you will gain access to our private book club—full of resources and guides. Get ready to get anything you want in life.

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  • Has Acne, Acne Scars, or Ingrown Hairs in the chin area kept you from looking and feeling your absolute best?!?
  • Are you tired of the endless struggle of acne - followed by post acne scars/brown spot?
  • Do you need help designing a simple & easy to follow results-driven regimen for clear, smooth, and even skin?