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I just wanted to give you an update on my skin. It has been so clear and smooth!! I have been following all of your tips and it's truly working.

TiffanyStylez (IG) 

Mannn, Luxury Lotus Spa saved my skin and helped me gain my confidence back! I was suffering from horrible cystic acne that came out of no where when I started my first "grown up job" as a criminal lawyer. I tried every product I could get my hands on, switched up my diet, before I started working with Esther. Esther was more interested in finding the root of the problem. I realized my acne was caused from stress, not cleaning my sheets and pillow case often enough. Esther really want you to reach your goals. She takes her time working with you. She's funny and easy to communicate with. I could go on for dayssssss!! I'm really glad I found Esther.

J. Harris

And have you been on a search for a detailed guide that will help you get out of your own way and start your journey to a new you that you are proud of?

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Prepare To Be Inspired, Challenged, Educated, Entertained, And Supported In Your Journey Through Life To Survive Any And Everything In Life In This Life Changing Memoir!


About the Author

Esther The Esthetician

Esther The Esthetician is a 10+ year licensed esthetician, Cancer Survivor, and owner of Luxury Lotus Spa. She want's to inspire educate & entertain you along your self care journey. Esther has been through A LOT! however, she still manage to stay positive and still push forward...

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Get ready to be inspired, educated and entertained.


Life does at times hand us lemons, lots of them. What then do you do to deal with the lemons that life throws at you to make the proverbial lemonades?

By virtue that you are reading this, it is clear you’ve been curious to make these proverbial lemonades in your life or possibly become tougher to conquer anything and everything life throws at you the same way iron is strengthened by heat.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering…Where do I even start in the journey to personal transformation?

I have gone through so much – is there hope for me when I feel as if I am at my breaking point?

I feel shattered and don’t think I have what it takes because of stress, insecurities, fears, low self-confidence, low self-esteem and more – can I really change?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you, as it addresses them all in this edu-taining and inspiring memoir of that will leave you believing that indeed, you have what it takes to survive any and everything in life, no matter how bleak and hopeless the situation seems.

More precisely, in this book, you will learn:

How your mindset has the power to change everything in your life, including powerful tips on how to grow a wealthy mindset and skin.

How effectively stop letting fear and anxiety rule and limit your life.

The place of being organized in the journey to life transformation, including tips that will help you get more organized easily

How you are standing in the way of your succeed in your career and life and what to do about it, fight
stress and anxiety, be happy, look and feel confident and beautiful inside out and more

How I have gone through the proverbial 9 lives of a cat and emerged stronger, including surviving cancer in my 30s, double mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery, a bad bout of acne that left scars, chemo and

What you can learn from the many valleys I have gone through life to keep your self-esteem, self-confidence, peace of mind and sanity intact

What I did to clear my acne, post scaring and other damages to my physical and emotional well being

What I did to clear my acne, post scaring and other damages to my physical and emotional well being

DIY regimen to clear, smooth and even your skin, clear ingrown hairs and more.

Why you really don’t have to become an extrovert and how exactly you can move to being a mid-vert from introvert without feeling like you are trying too much

How to travel the world and enjoy in your new found transformation guilt free

And much more!

Yes, Esther’s story will not only help you get out of your own way, it will teach, challenge and inspire you to take action as well as offer you all the support you need to become the person you’ve always wanted, even if you don’t believe it right now!

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Get ready to be inspired, educated and entertained.

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