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Life Can be Rough, Exfoliate!

Get nourished, radiant and smooth skin with this gentle exfoliating scrub! Our signature facial scrub is enriched with essential skincare ingredients to address post-acne scars/brown spots and ingrown hairs in the chin area. This Glow-Up Reveal Scrub will have your flawless skin doing all the talking!

A weekly self-care regimen, this creamy scrub is infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract, rich in antioxidants. Flawlessly formulated, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, fights off dark spots, and tones unbalanced skin to promote youthful, healthy skin. Sugar-based, with a blend of clay, mandelic acid, enzymes, pumice, and rice powder, it’s exfoliating yet gentle, leaving the skin soft and not dried out. Apply our Let-Me Glow Balancing Moisturizer after the scrub to get a smooth and refreshing skin that lasts! 

This facial scrub will be an absolute favorite for your weekly luxurious pamper nights. Uncover fresh, luminous skin with the Glow-Up Reveal Scrub!


  • Perfect for Face and Body 
  • Treats Post-Acne Dark Spots
  • Sugar-Based with Blend of Essential Skin Ingredients
  • Infused with Caffeine and Arabica Bean Extract
  • A Luxurious Weekly Self-Care Regimen


Always exfoliate in circular motions for about 90 seconds. You only need to do this once per week. Too much of a good thing can become bad for you.



When you overdo things with a scrub, your skin feels like it’s under attack. It will start to produce more sebum/oil to “help you out” – Over scrubbing will eventually lead to more breakouts, not less.

Scrub – Acne Scars & and Ingrown Hair Scrub (Face & Body Sugar Scrub – caffeine-infused))


The only scrub you’ll ever need to address post-acne brown spots and ingrown hairs in the chin area. This delicious sugar-based scrub aims to please your skin and activate your senses. Get ready to Exfoliate and purify your skin with this advanced blend of clay, mandelic acid, enzymes, pumice, and rice powder for a comprehensive skin-smoothing treatment.

My friend, your day will be off to a scrumptious, coffee and caramel latte start. With this rich, whipped exfoliator your singing will be singing a new glow! Our Signature face/body scrub infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract. As soon as your open the container…you will want to pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee before entering the shower as this scent will kick-start your cravings!

After using our Signature Scub… Expect your skin to feel smooth, polished, and cared for with our delicious hydrating Shea butter, while caffeine increases microcirculation, for a temporary tightening effect. The result is a nourished, beautiful glow. We aim to please with this weekly exfoliating sugar-based – caffeine-infused scrub. Our creamy, delicious scent and coffee and caramel will leave you with a radiant results-driven glow. This is a real pick-me-up that never lets you down.

If you’re looking to achieve your goals of clear, smooth, and even skin… This facial scrub should be a staple in your weekly self-care regimen. Acne scar/post-acne brown spots, and ingrown hairs have no place on your face




*contains beeswax


Has acne, acne scars/brown spots, and ingrown hairs in the chin area kept you from looking and feeling confident and beautiful both inside and out? Help is finally here for you. Luxury Lotus Spa and Esther The Esthetician are proud to introduce you to your go-to Clear, Smooth & Even Skin Rx. A product line designed specifically for highly melanated beauties with acne-prone skin.  The only product line that will address Mild acne, acne scars(brown spots), and ingrown hairs in the chin area at the same time.


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PLEASE NOTE: It's really hard to find exact bottle sizes designed how we want... Therefore, we sometimes are left to use a bigger bottle to add the product inside. Also, the product color will changed from season to season however, the effectiveness of the product will remain the same. Lastly, We are currently in the process of re-designing our products labels to be more valuable for you. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time... The Label you see online... May not be the label you receive - Product Effectiveness will no be affected at all.

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