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Mask – Signature Miracle Mask Hydrating & Soothing Enzyme Face Mask For Clear, Smooth, and Even Skin

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This is an at-home enzyme mask with papaya, honey, and fruit extracts that calms and exfoliates the skin, leaving a glowing complexion. This active enzyme mask will reduce redness, minimize the appearance of large pores, calm and soothe your skin. This will help you achieve your goals of clear, smooth, and even skin.

  • A well-balanced botanical blend to promote a clear complexion
  • Clay-based mask that eliminates built-up impurities in pores
  • Micro-fine pumice to gently exfoliate built-up surface debris

An at-home clay-based Enzyme treatment mask that exfoliates, detoxifies, and removes impurities, leaving skin smooth, clear, and bright. This is an active mask created to help you clear acne, acne scars, post-acne brown spots, and ingrown hairs in the chin area.

  • Active papaya enzymes are blended with vitamin E, yogurt, oatmeal, and honey to soothe and hydrate the skin
  • Antioxidants from the extract of green tea keep the skin healthy and protected
  • Results-oriented and suitable for all skin types and conditions


Has acne, acne scars (post-acne brown spots), or ingrown hairs in the chin area kept you from looking and feeling your absolute best? This soothing and hydrating clay-based enzyme mask will help you achieve your goals of clear, smooth, and even skin Fast!

Add this face mask to your weekly skincare routine. Redness reducer radiant booster clear, smooth, and even skin face mask.

We all need a nourishing night of self-care and self-love! And this active enzyme-based facial mask will be sure to please your skin and your senses! This active enzyme face mask will Tighten – Hydrate – Redness Reducer – Our signature Luxury Lotus Spa Miracle Mask® is a natural, fresh-blended pot of active-yogurt, bentonite cooling clay, wild honey, and oats that instantly soothes, softens, and refines the look of skin. This face mask is magic for your pores. It will provide a  deep pore cleanse, plus, it will also temporarily shrinking/minimize the appearance of large pores!

You’ll feel a slight tingle and warming sensation happening with your skin. Give your skin a radiant boost. Once Miracle Mask® dries, and you wash it off with cool water, your face feels dewy, refined, and pores look minimized. You will wake up looking just as radiant the next morning!

Our signature Miracle Mask® is recommended for all skin types EXCEPT those with sensitive skin as the tingling and heat may feel enhanced. We LOVE adding this with our weekly skincare routine weekly

Come and let’s get dirty together!


Well… Acne, acne scars (post-acne brown spot), and ingrown hairs in the chin area (Red, blotchy, and oily skin) you’ve met your mask, my friend.

Our signature Miracle Mask® is a natural, nutrient-rich pot of Illite and Bentonite clays, fresh enzyme-full organic pumpkin puree, and an active face mask. This treatment will instantly boost overall radiance by deep cleansing pores, temporarily shrinking their look and improving the look of uneven skin tones.

This thick blended puree goes on whipped and velvety smooth, bringing the pumpkin enzyme party to your skin. This signature miracle mask might scare the neighbors, but will seriously de-gunk and help purify even the most congested skin. Acne, post-acne brown spots, and ingrown hairs don’t stand a chance against this Miracle Mask®!

You’ll feel our signature Miracle Mask® working instantly (did I mention that it’s addictive! – You will look forward to using this mask every week) – a mild tingling sensation begins as oxygenation and circulation increases. The feeling is temporary, and as the mask dries, the skin is actually left calmed and soothed, decreasing the look of everyday blotchiness.

Recommended for all skin types (EXCEPT those with sensitive skin) to use at least once per week. We LOVE it after using Coffee and Caramel Sensation®  Flawless Face Polish!



Easy Application Steps

Apply a thin, even layer over the entire face (neck and chest also recommended). Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove mask with warm or cool water. While the enzyme mask is on enhance the results by working it into your skin in circular motions to activate pumice for increased exfoliation.



Only do this once per week. Enzymes work like little pac man… they go around eating away dead skin cells. This active enzyme mask will create a micro peel. Your skin will peel throughout the week… however, you will not see the physical peeling happen with your eyes. Your skin will be peeling behind the scenes (The no peel – Peel).




Illite Clay, Bentonite Clay, Yogurt, and Organic Pumpkin/Papaya Puree.


Bentonite and Illite clays have very high absorption capacity that pulls impurities, toxins, and excess sebaceous oils from the skin’s surface – purifying and detoxifying. Blood circulation and oxygenation are improved, bringing a radiant glow to the skin through rich mineral content including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and silicon among others.

Pumpkin is high in antioxidants, vitamins A, C & E, and beta carotene, and excellent in replenishing and protecting skin’s moisture barrier.

Yogurt is full of natural fats and lactic acid which smooth and softens skin.


Organic Oregon pumpkin/papaya puree.

U.S.-harvested clay.



Recommended for congested, oily & acne skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

This is an active mask. You will feel it tingle and your face will temporarily flush with color as it oxygenates. Test on a small area first.



*contains yogurt

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