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Peace Out, Impurities!

Rejuvenate and improve your skin texture with this revolutionary detox body wrap! Stimulating lymphatic drainage – its naturally sourced active ingredients moisturize and soften your skin from the get-go, leaving you with a refreshed tone!

By helping to restore the cellular ionic balance in your skin by solving the problem of excess fluids, this unique pre-treatment improves blood circulation while helping to break down excess lipids. The result is; spa-grade detoxified, elastic and supple skin ready to be flaunted – because you deserve it!

Easy to apply with no learning curve, this travel-friendly pre-treatment lets you peel away your imperfections to reveal magazine-cover-worthy results!


  • Premium Anti-Fluid Body Wrap Formula
  • Excellent Detox Results
  • Ready to Use 
  • Slimming and Toning Effects
  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Non-Toxic, BPA-Free



Apply a quarter-sized amount to cover the face, neck, and chest/upper back (once per week) in the evening. Massage this in for about 10 minutes. Then, rinse it off with warm water.



Wet your face with warm water before applying this delicious pre-treatment to your skin. This treatment should only be used once per week. Cleanse using our Wash Me Gently Cleanser


Has acne, acne scars/brown spots, and ingrown hairs in the chin area kept you from looking and feeling confident and beautiful both inside and out? Help is finally here for you. Luxury Lotus Spa and Esther The Esthetician are proud to introduce you to your go-to Clear, Smooth & Even Skin Rx. A product line designed specifically for highly melanated beauties with acne-prone skin.  The only product line that will address Mild acne, acne scars(brown spots), and ingrown hairs in the chin area at the same time.


Text us the word REGIMEN to 813-592-7987




PLEASE NOTE: It's really hard to find exact bottle sizes designed how we want... Therefore, we sometimes are left to use a bigger bottle to add the product inside. Also, the product color will changed from season to season however, the effectiveness of the product will remain the same. Lastly, We are currently in the process of re-designing our products labels to be more valuable for you. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time... The Label you see online... May not be the label you receive - Product Effectiveness will no be affected at all.

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Helping you Make Make-Up Optional. Reduce Stress, Boost Confidence, Transform Your Skin & Your Life. Product Recommendations for blemished-Prone Skin.