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POST WAXING: Ingrown Hair Treatment – FOLISERUM


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Depileve Intimate Folisan Serum ingrown hair care with salicylic acid

Useful Tips

Apply a sufficient amount enough to cover the treated area with a gentle massaging action. Treatment should be applied for ten days following the epilation, morning and night, on clean skin.


Preventive treatment for ingrown hairs


Serum to prevent ingrown hair

An ultra-hydrating serum formulated specifically with Salicylic Acid to prevent ingrown hair formation after epilation. Enriched with Q-10 Coenzyme and Ceramides, which combines to form FOLISERUM, the ideal product to treat even the most sensitive skin.



  • The Salicylic acid exfoliates and eliminates the dead cells on the superficial layers of the epidermis, avoiding ingrown hair formation.
  • Due to its creamy formula, Foliserum is a perfect product for even the most sensitive skin and the most delicate areas. Perfect for home care use.
  • Deeply repairing action on the skin after epilation. Nourishes protect and calms the skin, helping to restore the hydrolipidic barrier rapidly.


30 ml · 

Active Ingredients

Salicylic Acid: It is a beta hydroxy acid with a potent keratolytic action. Accelerates the stratum corneum renewal, diminishing its thickness. This action creates an exfoliation within the inner follicle, facilitating the hair to come through the surface, avoiding ingrown hairs.

Q-10 Coenzyme and Vitamin E: Antioxidant and protecting complex, with anti-aging effect. Repairs and protects when it is most needed after epilation and shaving.

Ceramides: These molecules play an essential role in the hydration and conservation of the epidermal protective barrier. Repairs protect, and hydrates, leaving the skin velvety soft.

Marine DNA: DNA is the principal source of epidermal regeneration. DNA is a true bio-active elixir to accelerate the skin’s restoration. With protective and antioxidant action after epilation and shaving.

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