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Vibe-City-Tribe Community

It’s time to reduce stress, build confidence, and change your life. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best! We will help you unlock the secrets to achieve your skincare, self-care, & life goals.

Vibe-City-Tribe is a year-long membership that provides you with group coaching, community accountability, and self-care resources, including a curated regimen for clear, smooth, and even skin. Easy to use guides & templates. Plus, the tools you need to help you get balance in your life. And a proven action plan to build your ideal life each month…so you never have to waste another moment wondering what to do or when to do it.!?!


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As a busy young woman, you know the importance of having that work-life balance. You also know you need a success circle to help you balance your every day- stressors. Plus, you know the importance of having a self-care regimen and being consistent with it. And, you know that connecting with other like-minded people in a private, non-judgmental, support Community full of people who want to see you get results and win in life; is exactly what you need to help you reduce stress, build confidence, and change your life for good!

Vibe-City-Tribe is the key to stop wasting money on products that are not right for you, get the life and career you want and deserve in the process. It’s time for you to become the best version of yourself so that you can give from your cup over-flowing; It’s time for you to influence, and impact those around you. You were destined for greatness, and we will help you unlock the greatness inside of you. But DIY content online is turning you into a product junkie and keeping you from the life and career you want for yourself!

Vibe-City-Tribe comes to the rescue when you have no idea what to do, how to declutter and get organized, or how to leverage community and connections to help your follow your dreams to get the things you want most in life.

Often times, the condition of our skin holds us back and keeps us from chasing our dreams. We are here to help you change that!


Your membership is an easy step-by-step plan for success:




    • The year-long membership grants you access to a private members-only community, Video Archive, regimen building template for clear, smooth, and even skin from head to toe, and an action plan to put it all together. This membership community if your all-in-all guide to build your confidence, reduce stress, and get the life you’ve always wanted. You can break that up into 12 monthly payments of $49, or pay in full. As a pay in full member, you save $89 (that’s almost two months FREE), enjoy perks such as receiving early access to the monthly guides, exclusive members-only training, and resources, plus, annual-member only bonuses and perks for just $499 a year!

    • On the first of the month, you’ll receive an email when a fresh batch of Vibe-City-Tribe training, resources, and guides are available, Live Q & A session to correct obstacles you might be facing. An engaging challenge to keep you inspired, motivated, and give you the support you need. Plus, you’ll be notified when the accountability check-in and plan for the month is ready for you!  Inside the membership; you will have direct access to Esther and her team.
    • They are inside the club daily answering questions, supporting members, and providing helpful resources to help you achieve your goals faster. With so much information online; it can be confusing trying to figure out what to do when to do it, and much more! Get help from experts who have been exactly where you are right now once upon a time. Get proven results-driven guidance from the experts; No more guessing and hoping. Get on track. Stay on track. Get results faster.

    • We are committed to supporting you and helping you achieve your skincare and self-care goals plus, get the life and career you want and deserve in the process. You’ll have access to downloadable guides, calendars, and resources that have been carefully styled with you in mind. And you can use them alongside the monthly plan, or you can use the monthly pieces of training to create the life, skin, and body of your dreams – your way. This is your chance to use the content to build your personal brand your way! Position yourself the get the things you want in life. We will make it simple and easy for you to start making progress and seeing results.


    • This is often referred to as the best part of your membership plan, your final step is to join the VEL Vibe-City-Tribe Community: an exclusive, members-only Facebook group for Esther The Esthetician’s group coaching, monthly accountability challenges, and live Q+A, not to mention networking with incredible women sharing the latest self-care tips too! Get your questions answered in a private and supportive community of like-minded people. This community is full of everything you’ve always dreamed of and much more! You can post questions in our member-only portal or in the private Facebook page.
    • As a yearly member; You will get a one-on-one onboard call with Esther the Esthetician or an elite member of her team. Plus, periodically, we follow up with each member individually to see how we can better serve and support them via text, email, or a call – Ultimate, you decide which option is most convenient for you. We genuinely want to help you win in life!



Dealing it to you straight, no chaser here

It’s time for you to stop wasting time on social media or on the internet trying to figure things out on your own using free content online to DIY things – This is a costly and confusing journey to be going through on your own. Simply wishing and hoping you could reduce the stress, build confidence, stop wasting money, and change your life is not enough. Imagine what it would feel like for you to finally have a proven results-driven plan to help you clear that unwanted acne, acne scars, and ingrown hair while also reducing stress, overcome social anxiety, becoming more organized, and get the life and career you want and deserve in the process. Imagine doing this while surrounded by like-minded people who want to see you win and succeed.

This membership is created for you to confidently show up in life using the best-kept self-care secrets designed to position you as a leader in your industry and community. These self-care plans are the exact processes thousands of members are using to:

“Overcome social anxiety” – Jane C.

“Build confidence in less than a year” – Christina M.

“Change their skin and their lives” – David C.

“Influence others around them” – Michelle T.

“Get friends, family, or higher up to see them” Jordan W.


as a Monthly Vs. Annual Member


  • MONTHLY  | $49 monthly
    • C.O.R.E LEVEL
      • Community Support
      • Training, Resouces, and guide
      • The Ultimate Self Care Academy action plan
      • A private Facebook plus, an online community forum



  • ANNUAL  |  $499 Yearly ($89 annual savings
    • One Time Payment – Lifetime Access
      • One-on-one Onboarding call
      • Community Support
      • Training, Resouces, and guide
      • The Ultimate Self Care Academy action plan
      • A private Facebook plus, an online community forum
      • Exclusive access to the monthly content, resources, and Guides
      • Early access to the monthly training content
      • Self-care Journal, calendar, and tracker templates
      • Access brand builder workshop (valued at $399)
      • Can be featured in the Vibe-City-Tribe Directory
      • Priority Client Support
      • Surprise Bonuses and Perks


Become a VIP Elite Member (VEL)

Get Access to the VIBE-CITY Community



    • The Ultimate Self Care Academy Learning Portal
    • Early Access to join the 7-12 weeks Ultimate Self-Care Academy  Live
      • 7-12 Weeks Class Hosted Live 1-2x per year
        • To help you jumpstart your regimen and guide you through the process step by step.
    • Live Q & A Call in our private community to help you overcome any obstacles
    • Say hello to clear, smooth, and even skin w/guides & videos
    • How to build confidence, reduce stress, and transform your life
    • New Virtual Self-Care Party hosted Monthly or Quarterly.
    • Success mindset you must have to achieve all of your goals
    • Regimen for clear, smooth, and even skin,
    • Relationship building toolbox
    • Health & Fitness support
    • Virtual Journey/Self-Care Diary with Progress Tracker
    • Monthly/Weekly progress up check-in

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